Inventory pledge

Inventory pledge is a dynamic, flexible, and reliable formula through wich a pledger uses its own inventory to obtain supplementary funding. This allows allows the company to optimise its stocks, without obstructing the ongoing business.

Thanks to the inventory pledge, the banker is able to manage the goods for which the financing has been granted. Financing stock thus becomes a form of sound and structured credit, creating security for the financing bank.

Warrant NV/SA is an experienced third-party holder active in different credit files of various complexity within various sectors.

  • We define the Warrant warehouse on location.
  • We daily monitor the evolution of the pledged stock and perform periodic physical inspections on site or at a third party depot holder.
  • We inform the stakeholder through detailed reporting.

What are the main benefits of an inventory pledge?

  • We create a unique right of retention, where the stakeholder is placed in priority to other secured creditors.
  • The stakeholder has a privilege on 100% of the stock.
  • The company (client) is able to activate the already available stock, thus generating additional working capital.
  • The company is not hindered in its ongoing business after implementation of the inventory pledge structure.

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