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I am a company

Is setting up and installing an inventory pledge with dispossession harmful or inconvenient for the ongoing business ?


During the implementation of the inventory pledge structure, Warrant uses the existing warehouses of your company, thus limiting the impact on the existing business organization. Our team will never set up an inventory pledge structure that is harmful to or inconvenient for the company’s ongoing activities.

If the goods to be pledged are located at a logistics party, our structure can be set up in a purely documentary way.

Iam a banker or other financial institution

It is not easy to explain the inventory pledge structure to my client.


The inventory pledge is a dynamic, flexible and reliable formula that creates security for the lender (you, therefore) via the financing of the borrower’s stock.

The implementation of stock financing in general, and the inventory pledge in particular, is rather easy. Thanks to our long-term expertise as a third-party holder, we are able to adapt to every situation within every possible sector.

Thanks to our detailed feasibility study after our first meeting on place, we can assess the situation and determine whether or not the implementation of an inventory pledge structure is possible (inventory analysis, physical barriers, …). This feasibility study can be used during the negotiation rounds between the client and the banking partner or other financial institution. Thanks to our intervention as a third-party holder, a 100% security is created for you, allowing the client to quickly obtain the necessary financing.

To date, 90% of the feasibility studies are positively evaluated, thus proving that all types of commodities may be suitable for the implementation of an inventory pledge structure. It also proves that inventory financing can create a very attractive leverage for financing the growth of the business.

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