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Assets put to work

Since its establishment in 1919, S.A. WARRANT has been a ‘collateral management’ expert, drawing up credit inventories that are sound, structured, yet flexible, and that satisfy the needs of client companies.

In order to do this, it offers a wide range of services in compliance with the legislation and practices in force in Europe.

Who are our clients?

The firm’s clientele is made up of about 100 enterprises varying in both size and activity, and, in general, having one or other of the following profiles:

  • Young and/or rapidly expanding, under-capitalized enterprises
  • Seasonal-activity enterprises
  • Enterprises whose business requires setting up important inventories
  • Enterprises in either a leverage-buy-out or a turn-around situation
  • Enterprises seeking to restructure their burden of debt by securitizing their assets

Inventory Pledge

We offer a flexible, simple, and sure technique that allows the firm to optimise its stocks, without obstructing the ongoing business.


Asset Control

This simultaneous check-up of the two main components of the current assets makes it possible to see to it that a balance is kept between the short-term credits and the short-term assets.


Floor Check

Checking the presence of stocks or machines according to the inventory report provided (floor-checks may be performed at main or secondary locations, trade-fair, exhibition…).


Car Collateral

 This gives financer of the purchases of a car dealer a lien on the administrative documents of the financed vehicles and keeps him informed as to the development.

"A part of the wealth of the modern entrepreneur can be found in the current assets within his business"

- Levi Van Havere -
General Manager Warrant NV