Floor Check

The floor checks of financed stocks, which can be performed on a regular or irregular basis, consist on:

  • checking the presence of stocks or machines according to the inventory report provided (floor-checks may be performed at main or secondary locations, trade-fair, exhibition…)
  • reporting all information that can impact the value of the goods
  • collecting the justificatory documents for the missing items
  • collecting the information regarding the reasons of any discrepancy detected


Floor checks allow the manufacturer, importer, financial or leasing institution to:

  • overlook regularly the movements of financed stocks
  • check the compliments with mandatory obligations
  • minimize or avoid any delay in payments
  • analyze the potential risk of each customer

The audits are performed by means of a secured computing device. By the end of the floor-check, a customized reporting matching the specific needs and requirements of each customer can be provided.


Intervention fields:
Car and motorcycle industry, farm machines, building trade machines, boats, commercial vehicles, leisure, computers, etc…

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